Fitness is boring

Is it?

At this stage in my fitness career, maybe. But I just turned 52 so I’ve logged a few miles. Do I still train? Of course and I’ll never stop. After all, it’s mentioned on my book back cover and on the front page of this website.

Repetition. Let’s face it- just gets boring over time. Fitness training is all about reps. Even if you achieved cover model status, which is what fueled my drive after my brief time in the Navy, more on that another time. Back to fueling your drive. You have to have something that baits you and keeps you going: an upcoming fitness competition, shooting for a mag cover, a qualification for your job or promotion (law enforcement or military folks know this one) or whatever it may be. The list could go on. Hell it could just be that you want attention and/or get laid more often. Go for it, just don’t be one of those annoying fitness narcissists and be NICE to people. Again, more on that later.

But let’s talk about repetition again and although it sucks and is definitely boring, it is a necessary evil. Or, you could adapt it as your friend. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Why do I say this? Because repetition(s) in the fitness sense of the word or life for that matter, is what gets shit done. Results. That’s it. Consistency is key. In fitness or any other endeavor. Improvement, not perfection. Get your reps in to be a better husband. A better wife. A better dad. A better friend. It all translates here. Let’s make this clear, if you work in a factory job watching a conveyor belt 8 hours a day, that’s not what I mean. I’ve done that. It sucks and I didn’t last long. I’m talking about a worthwhile thing pursuing like fitness to improve your life on many fronts, because it can do just that.

Are you a family person? Is there someone or something that likes to have you around or maybe even needs to you be around? If so then there’s some bait for you to keep fit, even if it’s boring. Fitness can help keep you on your toes for whatever comes your way. Especially for those important to you in your life. After all, you can take care of those that need it when you’re at your best and fitness can help you be that person, I don’t care if it’s your cat we’re talking about. Keeping fit can definitely improve every aspect of your life. It’s good for your mental outlook as well as your physical body, which you need to maintain in this life- it’s your mind’s chariot and if that chariot is in disrepair, well you get where I’m headed with that one I hope.  Think of those that aren’t physically able to walk or run or lift.

Besides finding your go-to reason to get or stay fit even though it’s boring here’s a couple ideas I employ when it gets rough: Get a training pal every now and then. Sometimes someone along with you helps keep things interesting and that person can motivate you.  Establish a goal and go after it. Whatever it is: look better for a wedding, a reunion, train for a race, a fitness competition or as I said earlier just to look hot. There’s nothing wrong with that just don’t lose yourself in this one. We hate those types. Compete with your pals. Make it an event. I’m not talking tankin’ beers with your buddies on the golf course. I’m talking hitting the beach or a field and making each other chase footballs or Frisbees with flat-out sprints for an hour. I’m talking doing 40 yard sprints to push each other. Hell sprint by yourself and film it for proof and send it to your friends. Motivate them. Be a mentor.

I could go on and on. And that’s what this post is about but it’s starting to bore me. I’ll leave you with one notion: your health is your true wealth. If anything, do it for that. Do it for the long haul.  Be selfish. Take care of you first so you can take care of someone/thing else better.

To YOUR motivation,


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