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Get In Ultimate Shape AND Get Paid?

Fitness pro and author Robert Marting is offering YOU a spot to promote the UBAA program as an affiliate.

This world is full of fluff and fads- especially in fitness. Like you, I’m tired of seeing product after useless product being pitched to me- it’s almost comedic what some of these people are promoting out there- many of them have no idea what it takes to get in top shape.

If you’re an online marketer, have a website, blog or online newsletter would your visitors or subscribers be interested in learning the cutting-edge information to get in awesome shape and keep it for the long-term WITHOUT gimmicks, drugs, bogus supplements or fad diets? Why wouldn’t they?

Could you see yourself helping others to improve their own lives while earning an online income on auto-pilot for yourself at the same time? Why wouldn’t you? You’ve found the right program.

What is an affiliate?

Basically, an affiliate program is an internet-based referral system where you recommend UBAA “Ultimate Body, Awesome Abs!” to others, by sending them to robertmartingfitness.com through a specially coded affiliate link- thereby making a commission each time someone makes a purchase- even while you sleep!

Talk about a no-brainer! The internet is running worldwide, 24-7 and someone, somewhere is looking to get in better shape, feel better, more productive and get those awesome abs they’ve always wanted. You can help them get there.

When you sign up for the affiliate program using the form below, you will be authorized to promote UBAA on your website, through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising like Google, on your blog or news letter mailing lists. Additionally, you will be provided with all the marketing tools that will help you succeed online.

What if you don’t know a thing about promoting online programs or are new to affiliate marketing?

Don’t worry. We all were at some point. That’s how we stumble onto something good- we “go and grow”. What’s more, we provide you with the resources you will need to succeed online.

When you enroll to receive the affiliate program newsletter, you will have access to all of the images, magazine covers, articles, banners, ebook cover graphics and promotional letters to use on your website. You will even receive coaching on web-based affiliate marketing and new tools each time the affiliate area is updated!

How much can you realistically earn?

It’s tough to predict how much you can earn, however it is common for affiliates to earn hundreds or thousands per month- the income potential is virtually limitless- again the power of the internet keeps on growing! Just like with results in fitness, if you think big, you can get big results. Affiliate marketing is no different.

Some affiliates have earned hundreds for days in a row and some of the “elite” affiliates have been known to clear over a thousand in a day’s time. I know it sounds unlikely or even crazy- it’s easier than you think.

If you have a subscriber list and you send out a broadcast or promotion, it is very possible to turn a nice profit, even while you get a good night’s rest. It has happened time and time again. The people making it happen didn’t have a clue how to do it at one point either, so don’t EVER let that stop you.

It really is easy and free to start making money.

Making a passive income is as simple as cut-and-paste. Post links, articles and graphics on your website or emails you send out to start making sales. Of course, we have  no-spam policy! (check out the anti-spam policy in the affiliate program before you start)

Get started now by signing up for the affiliate news letter below.

Your time is now! Get INFORMED, get TRANSFORMED!

Robert Marting
Author, “Ultimate Body, Awesome Abs!”
Producer, “Great Form Equals Great Results”


P.S. The affiliate program is offered through Clickbank. If you already have a Clickbank account you are already ahead of the game and can start promoting UBAA using your existing Clickbank account name. However, I recommend you sign up for the affiliate news letter as this will give you access to the specific tools you need to promote UBAA offers most effectively.

If you are not a clickbank affiliate yet you can get the easy details on how to get started with Clickbank- IT’S FREE. Sign up for the affiliate newsletter and get informed! Don’t forget to confirm your subscription or you will not receive the affiliate newsletters! If you didn’t get the confirmation email yet, check your trash or spam folders as it may be getting blocked by your spam software or ISP filters.

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