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Online fitness coaching with Robert

Fitness is a very saturated industry these days. So many choices, so many “experts” and so many different paths to take.  Here at Robert Marting Fitness, we do things a little differently. I am no longer attempting to grace the covers of magazines but my training and dedication remain the same.

Now, I am in the game for anti-aging and longevity because a sound fitness and nutritional plan you actually apply can really turn back the clock on aging, not just physically but mentally as well.  I am living proof now in my mid-forties; and my tactics just keep on working to help my clients achieve their goals.

When done right, your athletic ability, stamina, mental outlook and appearance will ALL IMPROVE. You just have to know what to do and how to do it.

Having already been through the Los Angeles grinder as a successful fitness cover model and talent early on in my career, I know very well what works and what is just pure hype. Hey, at the time those goals were great and they fueled my desire to keep going harder, smarter and with more commitment; every single day. If you work with me, we will find out what it takes for YOU to stay that hungry too.

Whatever your goals are, we will find out what it takes for you to attack them until you achieve them. This is what we do here- make it happen!

Here’s what you’ll get with me:

  • 12 week progressive custom programs tailored to your goal
  • Updated workouts every two weeks
  • Supplement guidance and suggestions
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Complete nutritional support and plan design
  • Weekly-bi-weekly weigh ins and measurements
  • Access to Robert Marting 24/7
  • Skype and email support as needed
  • *3 month commitment needed from you!
  • *i will include my “ubaa” e-training program free when you work with me (a $65.00 value)
  • *can be tailored to men or women


Client Requirements

  • You must be upfront with your coach, no questions asked!
  • You must provide weekly feedback and report your intensity levels reached (photo feedback is sometimes asked for)
  • It is your responsibility to email your weekly update to your coach. Your participation is crucial in your success!
  • It is your responsibility to hold yourself accountable to each workout and nutritional program.
  • Ask me anything! This is your life here, I am here to HELP you be your best at all costs!


Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Spaces are limited and I obviously can’t take everyone. So right now, send me an email and tell me what your goals are, what may be frustrating or slowing down your results. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write a book, just a brief snapshot of why you want to work with me. I will respond ASAP with recommendations for the next steps.
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