Covid, lockdowns and online training

Thanks to covid lockdowns, the gym session has shown it can be taken away from us and it just flat out sucked to say the least.  Enter online or home training.  The following are my basic thoughts on the topic, in a nutshell.

Q and A: My online training programs, thoughts and methods to what I think success looks like with them.

What’s better about online training vs. physical one on one personal training?

It isn’t better but depending on your experience level, who or what you use, it is FAR better than nothing, sort of like anything else. However, the main reason(s) that online training appeals to me is the fact that I can take all I have experienced and learned from one-on-one in person training (and the fitness industry as a whole) and utilize technology to reach out and touch more lives on a larger scale. Online platforms also allow the trainer to make better use of time as well, which is huge.

What are key things you like to know about potential clients before they begin with you?

Same things apply here as they do physical one-on-one clients.  Some important things I like to ask potential or first time clients usually revolve around their history with sport or training, likes and dislikes, any standout injuries or pre-existing conditions and history with nutrition and current eating habits. Things like sleep patterns, their work and work schedule or personal life come into play too- anything to help cater to their success if they wish for me to know about it. All these topics are discussed while also feeling out if our personalities mesh as well- which can also effect results.

How to keep clients focuses and motivated on the goal?

My approach to this is simple: first and foremost I remind them that I am committed to their success no matter what. Being there when I say I am going to be there. Train by example, doing what I say and saying what I do. Listen to them, be a sound board to them and focus on positive reinforcement to keep them engaged in the goal. One of the best motivators I have found is letting them know how many times I have tripped up or gotten off track as a professional fitness person, but always got back on target. We all do, we are all human. Life gets in the way. It helps them with balance and reminds them not to be so hard on themselves. In my book UBAA, I touch more on being balanced in life and in your fitness. I have found it is just a more realistic way to approach your goals. Also, it keeps us grounded as a piece of humble pie helps us all from time to time- myself included.

How do you approach weekly/daily organization?

My current approach to weekly organization and staying focused on client goals revolves around tracking progress, such as strength, flexibility or endurance increases/decreases and address these changes appropriately.  Ultimately, I am their teacher and motivator holding them to their goals but I also believe in instilling the tools for accountability in them to hopefully be self-sufficient in their choices to be healthier. Sometimes, usually in the beginning clients need that extra push or they may have a question or concern, especially if they are on the road. My second focus of staying on top of their commitments is being available- at all times. This confirms they are not alone on their journey and, most importantly prepares them to train themselves without my guidance in the future.

How about a client performing their HIIT classes or combining them with your programs? What could that look like?

I would explain to them that these goals are very achievable at the same time. However I would also explain that HIIT activity can hamper strength and muscle development. Depending on variables such as caloric intake and intensity of these HIIT classes, I possibly would start by omitting one HIIT class per week and insert weight training days focusing on compound movements vs. isolation movements to build more muscle and strength, of course based on what the clients focused muscle groups would be. For example, If they performed HIITs on M,T,W,F once per day I would split it up and have them perform push/pull like back and shoulders on Tues, then Wed HIIT, Thurs perform Chest/abs then Fri a day off if so inclined, then a leg day Sat or Sun. Again, this is all depending on timing/scheduling variables.

I would also try to make sure they understood that while trying to increase muscle and strength, that cardo or aka “HITT” sessions should be performed secondarily as we need every ounce of energy focused on that strength needed to build muscle. This is why bodybuilders or even myself being on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine learned to hit my weights hard, fast and correctly THEN perform my cardio or HIIT or what your steady state of choice would be (if performed in the same day) For me, it was usually a good bike ride or some sort of steady state cardio that is easier on my joints. My target results were achieved and professionally this method paid off. This said we are all individuals so choices in exercise programming are paramount, motivationally speaking.

Again, it’s all about goal assessment and never focusing on perfection but constant improvement! Leave a comment here or shoot me an email for any questions you may have.

Train balanced,



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